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An Unfamiliar Duke

"It was nothing short of a miracle that her body had tears yet to shed. But regardless of her love of numbers, he did not think she was currently of a mind to discuss the scientific phenomenon."


At the tender age of eleven Rosalind Ainsworth's entire world came crashing down. Not only was she not permitted to enter Lord Sebastian Lumley's treehouse but she learns that she must marry the horrid teenager upon her twenty-first birthday. Ten years later, Rosalind and Sebastian quickly learn that time has changed more than appearances.

thoughts & feelings

This week I added another book to the list of "read in under twenty-four hours." That's right friends, I read An Unfamiliar Duke, in its entirety, in under twenty-four hours. It is really that captivating!

This book had me hooked from the very beginning when the gangly fourteen-year-old Sebastian informs Rosalind that she is not allowed in his tree house. In fact, she will not be allowed in his tree house until they are married and he is obligated to admit her. I was basically giggling from the get-go until the very end.

An Unfamiliar Duke was so different than the other books in this series. Rather than having an event or mystery driving the plot this story was purely about Rosalind and Sebastian and their developing relationship. I love that we get a glimpse into the arranged marriage wheelhouse. Specifically, a marriage that neither party is really wanting. I love that everything wasn't super magical and love didn't occur over night. Rather, we get to see both parties adjust to being married and genuinely wanting to make their marriage not only work but be happy. Rosalind and Sebastian both desire a life filled with happiness and are willing to put the effort into their marriage.

Lastly, and most surprisingly to me, was that I thoroughly enjoyed that both Sebastian and Rosalind are math nerds. Math has never been and never will be my strong suit but I really did enjoy how our main characters were connected by such a nerdy thing. Most importantly, I love that Sebastian never once, not even in his thoughts, makes fun of her or pushes aside her love of numbers. He immediately recognizes this connection and is willing to discuss inventions and mathematics with her. It's so cute in such a nerdy way. All my fellow nerds will love these little moments.

book tags

Steam Level: clean, kissing

Language: clean

Content Warnings: mild violence

Trigger Warnings: none

book information

Title: An Unfamiliar Duke

Series: Georgian Gentlemen #4

Rating: 5/5


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