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Heir to Edenbrooke

A humorless, spiritless, unimaginative, insipid, and vacuous personality was, evidently, the safest personality for a young lady hoping to marry well.


I am purposely leaving out the actual synopsis because it gives away a very large and shocking moment in Edenbrooke.

thoughts & feelings

You know my love for Edenbrooke runs deep. But did you know that I also love the "prequel" novella, Heir to Edenbrooke? Now I can't say much about this novella because it would give away a HUGE moment in Edenbrooke but I will say what I can.

I love that Heir to Edenbrooke flips the script for us. It was so much fun to see Marianne Daventry from another's point-of-view. Julianne Donaldson did an incredible job matching together how we, the readers, view Marianne and how Philip views her. I also getting inside Philip's head and getting to know a little bit more about him and his stoic self. Seeing the "meet cute" from Philip's perspective was my favorite part and I was laughing so hard I could barely get through the scene. Knowing the story from both perspectives makes the cow song so much better!

In my opinion Heir to Edenbrooke should be read AFTER reading Edenbrooke. In the collector's edition of the novel it is laid out in this order. As previously stated, Heir to Edenbrooke gives away quite a bit of what happens in Edenbrooke and I can't imagine not having the shock, anger, and heartbreak experience taken away from anyone. Both books are amazing and should definitely be read....just read the main book and then the novella second.

One last note, the only way to own a physical copy of Heir to Edenbrooke is through the collector's edition. It is available as an ebook for anyone who already owns Edenbrooke and doesn't want to purchase it a second time. I will include purchasing links for both versions below.

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Steam Level




Content & Trigger Warnings

There are a few brief military scenes. A war planning/strategy meeting, missing family/home, and a war injury are mentioned but there are no actual fighting scenes.

book information

Title: Heir to Edenbrooke

Series: 0.5 to Edenbrooke

Author: Julianne Donaldson

Rating: 5/5

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