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Love in Writing

"Based on the way Jake's eyes lit on fire, he didn't like the way Ben put an arm around her to steady her, and a terrible idea popped into her head. One she decided to go for before she thought herself out of it."


Allie has sworn off dating and is on a journey of self-discovery. Unfortunately, her mom doesn't agree with the man-fast and is constantly trying to set her up. When an ex tries to rekindle the flame at the same time her mother attempts another set up, Allie acts in desperation and ropes a handsome stranger into being her fake boyfriend. Thankfully, Wonder Boy Ben is quick on his feet and immediately steps into Allie's scheme, with the hopes of getting everyone off her back.

thoughts & feelings

The Wonder Boys are quickly becoming my favorite contemporary series. You know that contemporary books are just not my thing so finding a series, or novel, that I LOVE is kind of a big deal. True to my word, I have purchased physical copies of Love on Camera and Love in Writing. I am so excited for them to arrive and even more excited for the final two Wonder Boys books.

Once again, Dana LeCheminant did a wonderful job balancing the modern day, and all of it's unromantic technology, with the romantic elements that suck readers into a love story. There was a little bit of phone calling and texting included in this novel but it was very minimal. One of the texting conversations was actually quite funny and had me giggling. I may or may not have read it to my husband...

I absolutely LOVED our leading lady, Allie. She is hilarious and will have you giggling from the get-go. Actually, both Ben and Allie will have you giggling. There are a few parts that had me laughing so hard I had to put my book down. I even sent a screenshot to my sister because I desperately needed someone to laugh with. Ben and Allie's personalities are so endearing and they mesh really well together. Their friendship feels genuine and I love that she jives with the other Wonder Boys and Madi as well. She is a wonderful addition to the Wonder Boys group and contributes her own unique personality and viewpoints.

Last, but certainly not least, we HAVE to talk about Jake. Yes, the ex boyfriend that refuses to give up on Allie. His character is beautifully written. I found myself both loving and hating him. Alright, it was more like "eh he's ok" and "boooo! go away!" rotating throughout the novel. I love that Dana was able to give him that type of personality and present him in that way. I didn't absolutely hate him or think that he was horrid...except for one part, but he does apologize so he scores points for that. Toward the end of the novel I actually found myself feeling sorry for Jake and hoping that he is able to let go and move on. Hopefully finding his own "happily ever after" in the near future. That would be a spin-off novel I would read for sure!

book tags

Language: one farmer swear

Steam Level: clean, kissing

Content Warnings: none

Trigger Warnings: none

book information

Title: Love In Writing

Series: The Wonder Boys #2

Author: Dana LeCheminant

Rating: 5/5

The Wonder Boy Series

Love On Camera

Love In Writing

Love on Display - releasing November 2022

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