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Love On Camera

"He held her so tightly, like he wanted to protect her from the world, but there was something else there too. He buried his face in her neck as if he hoped she could protect him right back. No one had ever needed her like that before. It felt like coming home."


Over the years Madi Morgan's passion for photography has turned into a bustling career, especially during wedding season. To be honest she doesn't have much time for dating and can't remember the last time she was on an actual date. However, when her best friend Danny challenges her to go on ten double dates in the next three months the prize is too grand for her to resist. Thank heavens for the Wonder Boys, her brothers three best friends, who agree to stand-in as fake dates. What could possibly go wrong?

thoughts & feelings

To be honest contemporary novels just aren't my thing. I want to love them and do try reading them on occasion. I have heard nothing but amazing things about Dana LeCheminant and decided that Love On Camera was definitely worth trying. You guys! I honestly loved this book and all of its contemporary glory. To say the least, I will definitely be purchasing the entire Wonder Boys series as it releases.

So, what set this book apart from other contemporary romances? I felt like Dana LeCheminant was very true in presenting life as it is. Cell phones, texting, video games, and other high-tech gadgets were used throughout the story but without being overwhelming. They had their places but it didn't feel like you were reading about high schoolers flirting via texts. Nothing against A Cinderella Story but it's just not romantic to read about. Cell phones/texting were used as a form of basic communication between our main characters and that's it. Most of the communication was actually face-to-face! YAY!

I also loved and appreciated how Dana presented the other forms of technology. Oliver, one of the Wonder Boys, created a computer program used in hospitals and Madi is a photographer. Having computer programs and photography equipment introduced into a story could get very confusing very quickly. However, Dana did a great job presenting the basics of the programs and equipment pieces simply and precisely. No one is going to get lost in these paragraphs, I promise.

As I mentioned a paragraph ago, about ninety percent of the communication occurs face-to-face. Thank heavens because the chemistry and connections between all of the characters is A-MAZ-ING! Our beloved Wonder Boys actually feel like a close-knit group of friends. You know, the friends that know waaaay too much about you and could easily blackmail you but are completely solid and have your back through thick and thin. I love how we get to see the Wonder Boys as a whole and also get glimpses into the connections between each of them. Naturally, some aren't as close as others and it makes the group vibe genuine. I also loved their connection with Madi. Hearing how she came to be "included" in the Wonder Boy group tugged at my heart strings. Throughout Love On Camera we get little snippets in to how it all went down and it is seriously the best. Looking back and thinking about it all together will melt your heart.

book tags

Steam Level: clean, kissing

Language: clean

Trigger Warnings: none

Content Warnings: none

book information

Title: Love On Camera

Series: The Wonder Boys #1

Author: Dana LeCheminant

Rating: 5/5


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