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Magical Venice

...when we travel there to experience our mythical Venice in person, stepping on its cobblestone streets and touching its marbled walls, we are motivated even more to discover what makes up this rather strange city unlike any other.


Go beyond the ordinary with this remarkable travelogue and guidebook filled with spectacular color photography that showcases Venice's magical beauty and hidden gems, from the Piazzo San Marco to the island of Giudecca, the banks of the Grand Canal to the Arsenal district--the second entry in the Hedonist's Guide travel series.

Combining essential insider details, cultural information, must-see attractions, and detailed maps with glorious custom photography, Magical Venice is the ultimate handbook for modern nomads, including both savvy travelers and novice tourists. Designed for twenty-first century globetrotters, Magical Venice features stylish graphics and an elegant visual design, as well as a breakdown of must-visit places, thematic double-page photographic spreads to help you discover and understand the city, and walking routes to explore each district away from the crowds. Every fascinating detail of Venice is revealed, from the splendor of its palaces, the beauty of its piazzettas, the romanticism of its bridges and canals, the delights of its gastronomy, the charm of its sestieri--the districts that make up the city of the Doges--and the wealth of its museums and its arts and crafts.

Whether you prefer a more traditional visit or want to chart your own unique course, this user-friendly reference and coffee table book includes everything you need--and more:

Discover the spirit of Venice as seen through the eyes of Philippe Starck. Visit Carlo Scarpa's Olivetti showroom, Piazza San Marco. Taste cicchetti in the city's bacari. Drink a bellini at Harry's Bar. Admire the gems of modern art in the baroque palace of Ca 'Pesaro. Visit the latest contemporary constructions on the island of La Giudecca. Learn about the phenomenon of aqua alta. Take a walk in the hidden gardens of Venice. Magical Venice offers inspiration and insight for armchair travelers and dreamers alike. Best of all, the gorgeous photography transforms the book into a keepsake that will transport you back to your favorite places and sights long after returning home.

Experience Venice as never before with the Hedonist's Guide!

thoughts & feelings

My traveling friends or for those of you who enjoy learning about the world I have a book for you! Magical Venice:The Hedonist's Guide is a unique book that takes you through the city of Venice district by district, or sestieri by sestieri.

You know I am a sucker for maps and visuals and this book is packed with them! Not only do we get a complete map of Venice but of each individual district! I loved being able to see each district location as well as where some of the major tourist stops are in relation to each other.

This book is also packed with beautiful images! Each photograph is captioned so you know exactly what you are looking at and the quality is absolutely amazing. All of the images are clear and vibrant. I loved getting to see so much of Venice through photography.

Venice has eight districts and we get to explore each of them through this guide. Each district has its own section where we are given a history, essential tourist stops, and learn about what makes that district unique and special. My favorite feature is the "strolling" section located at the end of each district. The left-hand side has a map of the district with a few stops pointed out. The right-hand side of the spread lists each of the stops and has a brief paragraph giving a brief description so you know what you are visiting.

It was so much fun to learn about Venice this way and I will definitely be taking this book along if I ever visit. Until then I will continue to look at the gorgeous pictures and dream of traveling.

book information

Title: Magical Venice: The Hedonist's Guide

Authors: Lucie Tournebize & Guillaume Dutreix

Rating: 3.5/5

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