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Mistletoe For Felicity

His life followed a structured cadence-every moment, every action calculated, measured. And here she was, presenting a melody he wasn't sure he knew how to dance to.

But oh, how he wanted to learn.


Lady Felicity Winters, having lost the last of her family, is alone in the world. Theodore "Tad" Harcourt, a merchant's son is thrust into navigating the complexities of high society. The two are bound in an arranged marriage—both a boon and a challenge.

As winter's chill gives way to holiday warmth, Felicity and Tad tentatively explore their new life together. From snowball fights with village children to the sparkle of a grand Christmas ball, their journey turns into a heartwarming adventure filled with newfound trust and festive cheer.

Yet questions remain—does Felicity see beyond her role as a dutiful wife, and can Tad truly find his place in her world? This tender, closed-door Regency romance unfurls beneath mistletoe and candlelight, where love dispels all doubts, and Christmas joy resides in the most unexpected corners. Open this cozy tale and let it melt your heart this holiday season.

Thoughts & Feelings

My heart has been so happy lately with all of the fun Christmas books I've been reading. I love the extra sense of whimsy that Christmas novels give us. There's just something magical about Christmas time and it's so easy to believe that anything is possible, even in a novel.

I mixed my Christmas reading up, just a little bit, by reading Sally Britton's upcoming release, Mistletoe for Felicity, which is set in the regency period. I enjoyed this novel so much and it was fun to get to learn a little bit more about holiday traditions in the regency period.

One of my very favorite things about this novel was the extra touch of magic that Sally added. We're talking full on Hallmark level of impossible magic without all of the extra cheesiness. (I apologize to my Hallmark movie fans out there. But you know they're cheesy right?) I won't spoil the magical surprise for you but I love that such a small about of magic and whimsy was brought into this novel. The first few times it is mentioned I was second guessing the magical element and thought "well, maybe I misread the description or this is a new detail" but then the moment comes when you KNOW there is magic at work and it is fantastic! It had me wondering just how long this particular piece of magic had been at work, where it came from, and what in the world Tad and Felicity were going to think when winter was no longer around and the item looked completely different. I know that this probably makes zero sense, but once you read this novel you will understand.

I also love that this story was told from a dual perspective. Without I think I would not have liked all. Well, maybe towards the end of the book but definitely not at the beginning. Let me explain. Tad and Felicity have an arranged marriage and basically know nothing about each other. Felicity comes from a titled line and has therefore grown up in society and led a somewhat priviledged life. Tad, however, is the son of a merchant and a very hard working one at that. He is no stranger to working long hours and putting work above everything else. Marrying Felicity changes his entire world and he has to learn the ins and outs of the life of a gentleman and become more familiar with society's rules. The best way to explain Tad is to say that he is a giant ball of anxiety and unsureness at the beginning of this novel. Whenever I read his perspective, in the first halfish of the book, I could feel this giant ball of anxiety in my chest. Which made him fumble a little bit in his marriage and from Felicity's viewpoint he kind of comes off as uninterested? Maybe a little too stoic? I just wanted to lock them in a room together until they had talked to each other about their feelings. Does anyone else ever feel that way when fictional characters have misunderstanding after misunderstanding?

Lastly, I loved all of the little hints of Christmas that we get. From the decorating of a ballroom, to making snowmen in the village, to the drinking of cider and sitting by a warm fire. It made me so excited for all the little things I love about Christmas time.

Book Tags



Steam Level

clean, kissing scenes

Marital intimacy/consummation of the marriage is brought up several times throughout the novel. Tad and Felicity's "connecting door" is mentioned and a few small conversations are had about consummating their marriage. Sally Britton did a great job handling these moments with care and I did not feel awkward or scandalized by these brief moments.

Content & Trigger Warnings

death of family members

Felicity's parents passed while she was quite young and at the beginning of this book her grandmother, who cared for her, has recently passed.

Book Information

Title: Mistletoe for Felicity

Author: Sally Britton

Release Date: November 20, 2023

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