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Of Jasmine & Roses

Just being around him made her feel lighter, freer. He made her feel just as happy as she had been when her parents were still alive. When she was around him, she felt as if she could simply be.


Orphaned as a child, Anna Beasley was raised alongside her titled cousin in the high Society of the ton. But part-Indian Anna knows better than anyone that appearances trump social grace, even to those who raised her. After the loss of both her inheritance and her adoptive family’s support, work as a governess seems to be Anna’s only path forward . . . until she meets a man who is completely unattainable, and she feels seen and accepted for the first time.

Aspiring politician William Thaxton had no intention of falling in love with a governess. But from his first embarrassing encounter with Anna, he knew she was exceptional. As William gets to know Anna better, he can’t help falling in love with her, despite the infuriating stumbling block that her social status presents. As they navigate intolerance, cruelty, and William’s own ambitions, William and Anna must prove that love knows no boundaries and that the heart doesn’t play by Society’s rules.

Thoughts & Feelings

Regency fans I have a new must read novel for you! Of Jasmine and Roses has all of the things we love about the regency era while also offering a completely new perspective and story line.

One of my favorite things about this novel was our main man and leading lady. They are not your typical "diamond of the first water" or "brooding heir" which made the story different than most regency era novels I've read. Our leading lady, Anna, is in fact a governess and we get to see her working as governess throughout the novel. What makes it even better is that our main man, William, is not an heir at all. Rather he is the third son of a baron and is running for a seat in Commons. I absolutely love that Jill E. Warner gave us a love story about people who are usually in the background of movies and books. It gives us an entirely different perspective on an era that we are fairly familiar with and a whole new set of hurdles for our couple to overcome.

I also love that we get to see Anna fill her role as a governess. Throughout the novel we get to see and experience the relationship that Anna has with her charges, Lucy and Diane, and how differently she interacts with each of them. Anna truly knows and loves these girls and getting to see her worries, teaching moments, and tender moments with them was special. I also loved that William gets to see Anna working as a governess and the interest he shows in her work. His visits with Diane and Anna were some of my absolute favorite moments.

Lastly, I loved that Jill E. Warner gave us a look at what life looked like for those who were anglo-Indian in 1800's England. Not only does Jill give us a look at Anna's current circumstances but we also get to know a little bit about what she faced growing up and what led her to becoming a governess. Her experiences, both past and present, are heartbreaking. It was a completely new perspective for me to read from and I learned so much.

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Steam Level

clean, kissing

Content & Trigger Warnings

Death of parents. It is mentioned a few times throughout the novel that both of Anna's parents have passed away.

One of the main themes in this book is discriminaton. Anna is half British and half Indian (from India). Throughout the novel we get to see how Anna is viewed by and treated by others, how she is limited in society, and how her employment opportunities are limited and effected by her heritage.

Book Information

Title: Of Jasmine & Roses

Author: Jill E. Warner

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