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Scotland's Melody

At times, he looked at me as though he knew me. Other times, as if I were the most frustrating puzzle he'd ever laid eyes on.


Melody Foster has been granted every luxury available save one: the ability to love whom she chooses. When her father reveals that she is to marry a wild Scot she’s never met, Melody defies him and declares she will never marry without affection. Her choice to marry Richard, a footman in her father’s household, prompts her family to disown her, and she goes to London to risk everything for love. But she is blindsided. Without a penny to her name, her love is worthless to Richard, and he decides to change tactics. Perhaps she could still serve a purpose—after all, her family can’t sit idly by while she is held for ransom . . .

Desperate to escape the man she thought she loved, Melody finds allies to aid her: first, her old governess and then Cameron Findlay, a handsome stranger who is startled by the distraught young woman who catapulted into his life. Cam finds himself sympathetic to the young woman’s plight, so he and his sister agree to take her on as a servant in their household. Cam and Melody are powerfully drawn to one another, but can Melody ever trust her heart when it was so terribly wrong before?

thoughts & feelings

I finished Scotland's Melody two days ago and have not been able to stop thinking about it since. It was an incredible novel that sucked me in from the very first paragraph. I honestly could not put it down for long. When I began this novel I had begun packing up my Christmas decorations. I fell asleep reading that night because I fought sleep for so long, telling myself that wonderful bookworm lie that I would only read one more chapter. The next day I neglected my Christmas decorations or found myself "taking a break" in between every task just to read "one more chapter." At eleven o'clock that night I finished the novel and then raved...and ranted...about it to my dear husband who had absolutely no idea what I was talking about.

To put it shortly, Scotland's Melody was absolutely incredible. It's a book that I will highly recommend to everyone and will personally reread it many times. However, if you want a little more insight as to why I loved this book so much keep on reading.

Katie Stewart Stone has done an incredible job balancing the story line in this novel. It has a perfect balance of romance, history, suspense, a little danger, and love of all kinds. There were so many reasons that I found myself making excuses as to why I deserved a reading break. I was constantly pulled into the next chapter because I NEEDED to know the answers! I won't spoil anything for you but there are a lot of things that you think you know, but you're not sure you know so you must keep reading to make sure you are right.

I absolutely loved all of the relationship building in Scotland's Melody. Our leading lady, Miss Melody Foster, is the only view point we see which makes everything that much more intriguing! We get to see so many different relationships through her eyes and get to see her break, build, gain, and mend all types of relationships throughout the novel. Elsie, who turns into her best friend, is one of my absolute favorites. I loved how different she was from Melody and it was fun to get to see a real friendship grow between the two of them.

One relationship had me on edge the entire novel. I found myself rooting for the main love story, giving up on it, and being outraged and wanting to lock them both in the library until they figured their crap out. I'm not kidding when I say I don't think I have ever been so frustrated with a love story before! It's on level with Philip and Marianne (Edenbrooke) and Juliet and Halstead (Where the Stars Meet the Sea). They kept me on edge with all of their flirting, wit, and bickering. It's truly and fantastic and fantastically frustrating love story.

Now, without giving anything away I HAVE to talk about the ending! My soul demands that I bring it up however vaguely I must. Let's just say that you will love the ending while also having an honest desire to throw your book across the room. I cannot wait until the second book is announced and available for preorder because I will be at the front of that line. Until then, I shall await in utter distress.

book tags

Steam Level: clean, kissing

Language: clean

Content & Trigger Warnings: none

book information

Title: Scotland's Melody

Author: Katie Stewart Stone

Rating: 5/5

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