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Solving Sophronia

"She held her shred of pride tightly, afraid that if she let it go, he would see behind it the uncertain woman who was neither pretty nor interesting enough to entice a detective to attend a ball with her or keep from disappointing her own parents."


Society columnist Sophronia Bremerton is tired of reporting on the exploits of the gentry. She dreams of being an investigative reporter and, with the encouragement of her fellow Blue Orchids, decides to make her dreams a reality. Her quest for a story leads her to a murder scene in a London rookery where she weasels her way into the investigation. Detective Jonathan Graham strongly believes that a civilian, especially a noblewoman, doesn't belong anywhere near a murder investigation. Unable to deny her investigative skills, Detective Graham allows Sophronia to aid with the case.

thoughts & feelings

Does anyone else get a little bit nervous when they read a book from a "new" author? I love finding new-to-me authors but also get slightly nervous. What if I don't like their story line or writing style? I know that I'm not going to love every author and story that I ever read...but who wants to jump into a novel thinking "well I might not like this one."

About a year ago I purchased the first two novels in Jennifer Moore's Blue Orchid Society series. I remember reading the back of Solving Sophronia and thinking "this is going to be amazing!" I'm happy to report that my initial thoughts were spot on. I not only LOVED the story line in Solving Sophronia but I also loved Jennifer Moore's writing style.

One of my favorite parts of Solving Sophronia is the Blue Orchid Society itself. The book begins with a prologue where we see the creation of the Blue Orchid's. In their desperation to escape a stuffy ballroom, each woman finds herself seeking respite in the library. This was honestly, one of my favorite chapters in the entire book. I hope that we get to see this same moment from each of the ladies viewpoints. I am dying to know why a few of them find the need to escape. I have my theories but I am seldomly correct about these things. What makes this group of women so endearing is how they are so different but all agree to support and encourage one another as they pursue their secret ambitions. Throughout the novel we get glimpses of the Blue Orchid's and their growing friendship. I wish we got a few more moments with them but completely understand why we don't. This is only the first book afterall and I am so excited to see how the society factors into each of the other stories.

I also LOVED the investigative dynamic duo: Detective Jonathan Graham and Sergeant Lester. Although complete opposites these two make a great team. Now that I think about it they kind of remind me of Sherlock and Watson...but with the roles reversed. Detective Graham is very serious, orderly, and cautious. He is absolutely shocked when Sophronia appears at the crime scene and initally refuses to acknowledge that she could help with the investigation. Sergeant Lester is our Sherlock. Although very good at his job, he also enjoys reading the gossip column and has a somewhat strange hobby (I won't ruin it for you). He immediately recognized Sophronia as the one and only Miss Propriety and manages to convince Detective Graham that they need her help. These two will entertain you for sure while also giving you some very great information regarding the murder investigation. It kind of makes you feel like you're solving the case along with them.

Solving Sophronia is a book I would highly recommend to just about anyone. It has a little bit of everything and rounds out into a fabulous and attention grabbing story. I know that Inventing Vivian is going to be a little different (pretty sure she doesn't investigate a murder) and I am so excited to see what Jennifer Moore has in store for us readers!

book tags

Steam Level: clean, kissing

Language: clean

Content & Trigger Warnings: This storyline is centered around murder investigations. The corpses are mentioned and vague details are given about the crime scene and individual. For example, the clothes are mentioned in conversation as well as if there is blood or not. A doctor also gives information on causes of death. I promise that Jennifer Moore has kept it "clean" while still providing the necessary information for the investigation.

If you have any questions about the content feel free to comment at the bottom of this post or message me on Instagram.

book information

Title: Solving Sophronia

Series: The Blue Orchid Society #1

Author: Jennifer Moore

Rating: 5/5


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