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"You ran from the drawing room crying with my brother in full pursuit. Seeing as he thinks we are in the prelude to a relationship, I have half a mind to call him out."


At the age of twelve, under the old oak tree, Oliver vowed to marry Hannah. Since then Hannah has been waiting for Oliver to keep his promise. When she receives an invitation to visit Summerhaven she is sure her dreams are about to come true. From the moment she arrives it is clear that much has changed since her last visit. Oliver is distant and often absent, while his brother, Damon, is not the cruel boy she remembers. In a desperate attempt to save her hopes for the future she joins Damon in a ruse that will help them each get what they want. Hannah will turn Oliver's head and Damon will prolong his bachelorhood. All she has to do is pretend to fall in love.

thoughts & feelings

Have you ever loved a book so much that you want to tell everyone about it, while at the same time wanting to keep it a secret? That is exactly how I feel about Summerhaven. I was completely captivated by the story and characters from the beginning of the novel until the very end. Upon finishing it I was ready to reread it immediately. In fact, I spent about an hour that evening going back and reading some of my favorite parts. When you can't put a book down and let the story go, even after you've finished reading, you know the word "captivating" cannot even begin to describe how you feel.

What made this book so amazing was the depth of emotion. The characters are written in such an intimate way that you feel like you truly know them. Although the story is written from a single perspective, Hannah's, we still get to know each of the other characters very well.

The emotions are portrayed in such a pure way that I giggled, felt embarrassed, gasped, and cried as events unfolded. You're going to need a box of tissues and some privacy for the sad parts. I straight up ugly cried. There were no single glistening tears rolling down my face. It was a downpour of tears and rapid blinking so that I could continue reading. I have never been so thankful to be alone with a book. I didn't want to have to try and explain the entire thing to my husband, while ugly crying.

I honestly cannot gush enough about this novel. Just believe me when I tell you that it is A-MAZ-ING and you must add it to your book list immediately. It climbed straight up to my top five favorites and will be a book I read and recommend for years to come. In all honesty I will probably read it two or three more times this year. If that doesn't convince you of the wonderfulness I don't know what will.

book tags

Steam Level: clean, kissing

Language: clean

Trigger Warnings: death of a parent

book information

Title: Summerhaven

Author: Tiffany Odekirk

Rating: 5/5

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5 comentários

Sheila Staley
Sheila Staley
25 de fev. de 2022

I love your blog and this review! I felt the same about this wonderful novel!


Jessica Harwood
Jessica Harwood
24 de fev. de 2022

I am so excited to reading this one! It sounds wonderful and everyone is raving about it.


I am so so so excited to read this book!


Amanda Schimmoeller
Amanda Schimmoeller
22 de fev. de 2022

I loved this book for so many of the reasons you mentioned!! Great review!


Tiffany Farrell Odekirk
Tiffany Farrell Odekirk
22 de fev. de 2022

This is such a beautiful and kind review! I'm so glad you were captivated by Summerhaven; that is exactly how I felt writing it. Thank you for reading. (And I'm sorry I made you ugly cry.) Tiffany :)

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