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The Connecting Door

All of the memories involved Norman having made special consideration for his wife. And all of the memories were from years ago...far too many years.


Norman has spent years devoted to his reputation at the expense of his marriage. Can he change his course before it’s too late?

Thoughts & Feelings

This book took me a little by surprise. I honestly have not read many books where the main couple or love story is about an already married couple. The few times I have the couple has usually had an arranged marriage or it's a mail order bride situation and we get to see them slowly fall in love. I can't think of a single book I've read where the couple has been married for an extended amount of time. When I began reading The Connecting Door I wasn't all that sure I would like it and was a little wary.

I am happy to report that I enjoyed this novella. It was definitely different than what I am used to but it was a really good change of pace in this collection. Something a bit unexpected after a few finding and falling in love stories. Our main couple, Norman and Martha, have been married for quite a while. I can't remember if the book states the length but their oldest son is newly married so I'm guessing at least twenty years. Norman ends up walking in on his son and wife kissing in the hallway and thinks back to when he and Martha were newlyweds. One thing leads to another and Norman realizes that the close relationship that they used to have no longer exists and that he misses it.

I love that this was a story about choosing your spouse. About making time for them in your life and making sure you are putting in effort to show them you love them and are thinking about them. I loved the spin that Josi put on this story and the realistic marriage elements that she wove throughout.

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Steam Level

There are a few mentions of marital intimacy but there are no scenes containing anything but kissing.

Content & Trigger Warnings

There are several scenes where the men are drinking (in a tavern and after dinner). It is mentioned that they have consumed enough that they are tipsy.

Book Information

Title: The Connecting Door

Series: part of the Horses, Hounds, & Happily Ever After Vol 1 collection

also featured in the Saddles & Scoundrels collection

Author: Josi S. Kilpack

Purchasing Link

published on 08/09/2023


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