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The Foibles & Follies of Miss Grace

"Don't you wish to all so madly in love with a person that you no longer care if it's a wise choice? That it's simply a choice you have to make?"

Warning: This is the sixth novel in the Lords for the Sister of Sussex series. This review may contain spoiler information for the previous novels in the series.


Oliver Stewart, the local vicar, has long admired Grace Standish and her kind heart. Upon hearing she is thinking of marriage he decides to throw his hat in the ring. What he doesn't anticipate is competing against his charming and titled elder brother for the love and hand of Miss Grace.

thoughts & feelings

Honesty time. I had no clue that this novel was not only a part but the concluding book to a series when I first saw it. When it arrived and I saw the cover I thought "oooo no, this is not good." However, I was seriously crunched for time and began the book anyway. The fact that I gave this book a five star rating, despite not reading any other books in the series, proves how good it really is.

Admittedly, I was a bit lost during the first few chapters. Trying to connect characters to each other through family, marriages, and acquaintances was a bit confusing and discouraging. Luckily, Jen Geigle Johnson did pop in little bits of information that helped me feel less lost. For example, she notes that Grace is the youngest of five sisters and that they were once very poor. I also learned a little bit about some of the other sisters and the men they married. The little glimpses of the other stories has made me very eager to collect the rest of the series.

Surprisingly, I found myself loving the brother verses brother aspect of this book. I wasn't quite sure about it at first...okay, for like the first few chapters after we meet Lord Featherstone. However, it totally works because the brothers are so different. To sum up a line from Miss Grace they are similar yet different. Most importantly, they are seeking Grace's hand for different reasons. I loved watching Grace get to know both gentlemen and weighing out the life that each could offer her. The lives of a Marques verses a vicar are very different and both present things that appeal to Grace. It was also interesting to get to see her talk with family about both gentlemen and how their opinions and insights differed.

I honestly loved this story and felt that it was different than the other Regency period novels that I have read recently. After finishing I quickly added the remainder of the series to my Amazon wish list. I am so excited to read the about the other Standish sisters and then revisit Grace's story with a little more insight.

book tags

Steam Level: clean, kissing

Language: clean

Trigger Warnings: poverty, severe illness

book information

Title: The Foibles & Follies of Miss Grace

Series: Lords for the Sisters of Sussex #6

Author: Jen Geigle Johnson

Rating: 5/5

Series Information

Series Title: Lords for the Sisters of Sussex

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The Foibles and Follies of Miss Grace


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