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The Nobble Smuggler

"She'd already endured more mistreatment than anyone he knew, yet her courage and integrity were firm. Rather than being bitter, she was resolute."


On a mission to solve the mystery behind his fathers death Jonas Ainsworth, the Viscount Langton, infiltrates the Lamhurst Gang. Posing as a smuggler, Jonas soon finds himself wounded with the Preventative Men on his heels. Out of desperation Jonas turns to one of the gang's leaders and ends up in the care of his daughter, Elizabeth.

thoughts & feelings

Welcome to another honesty moment with Mattie. I first bought the Georgian Gentlemen series when the third one came out...about a year ago. I was so excited to read them and swore to read them asap. Well, here we are with the release of book number four approaching and I'm just barely diving into the series. Don't worry folks I already have the fourth one preordered. My hope is to be fully caught up when my copy of An Unfamiliar Duke arrives in a few weeks. Although it took me a while to dive into this series I am already in love with it! I have gifted the first book to one person and told another friend that she needed the full series. The Noble Smuggler was that good!

One of my favorite parts of the novel was the hint of mystery and intrigue. The entire novel is shrouded in the mystery of who runs the Lamhurst Gang and if they purposely wrecked a ship, causing the deaths of all on board. I loved that we receive information along with the characters. It made me feel like a detective (not a very good one, but still) and like I was trying to discover who the Midnight Master is along with Jonas, Alexander, and Elizabeth. It made the moment of discovery that much sweeter...and intense.

I also loved how the character of Elizabeth was written. Elizabeth is our leading lady and grew up in pretty difficult circumstances. Despite being surrounded by the Lamhurst Gang her entire life, she has grown up with the determination to distance herself as much as possible from their activities. I love that rather than being bitter about all that life had dealt her, she chose to stand for what she deemed to be right in the ways that she could. There are so many moments when Elizabeth portrays the strength and integrity that she carries. It not only impresses other characters but impressed me as well. I promise that Elizabeth will have your heart from the very first chapter.

book tags

Steam Level: clean, kissing

Language: clean

Content Warnings: mild violence (non descriptive)

Trigger Warnings: parental physical abuse

book information

Title: The Noble Smuggler

Series: Georgian Gentlemen #1

Author: Sian Ann Bessey

Rating: 5/5


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