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The Unassuming Curator

Emily's stomach churned. Truth be told, she would rather blend into the furnishings and quietly observe others than be the center of attention.


Emily Norton loves nothing more than losing herself within the pages of a good book. But the solitary pastime is poor preparation for participating in the dreaded London Season. Her trepidation over formally entering Society is all-encompassing, until she stumbles upon an enigmatic gentleman digging up flowers in a hedgerow. Before she can learn his name or the reason for his unusual activity, however, she is whisked into a carriage bound for London. Henry Buckland has a secret: he cannot discern the difference between certain colors. It’s a particularly difficult disability for the curator of natural history at the British Museum, but no more challenging than his repeated attempts to outmaneuver the machinations of the town’s most notorious matchmaker. At his parents’ dinner party, he receives assistance in outwitting the persistent busy-body from a surprising source: the intriguing young lady he met on the country lane. As Emily and Henry become formally acquainted, they discover a shared love of science and nature that makes them ideally suited. However, Henry is not alone in his admiration for the young woman. As the competition to woo Emily escalates, so, too, do tensions at the museum. When an unexpected danger threatens Henry’s livelihood―and life―it appears he may not have the chance to win Emily’s heart after all.

thoughts & feelings

I love Sian Ann Bessey's Georgian Gentlemen series with all my heart. Each of the stories is so unique and I have loved getting to know all of the characters. The Unassuming Curator is just as fantastic as the previous four novels. Don't you love it when a series continues to tug and your heartstrings and make you fall in love every single time? Me too!

My favorite part is without a doubt, the one and only Aunt Millward. She's back and plays a very dominant role in this novel. All of my hopes and dreams have come true! If you're not familiar with the fantastic Aunt Millward I can guarantee that you are going to love her. She is an older lady full of mischief, love, and curiosity. I loved getting to see her making mischief and helping her family out of sticky situations and away from unwanted suitors. It was so much fun to get to see her again.

Side note, I now have a new dream of Sian writing Aunt Millward's story. I would LOVE to see her as a young lady out in society! I know that this is probably not likely to happen, since she doesn't get married...but maybe she has a tragic backstory? I would be happy with just a flashback scene but would love a full novel for her.

My second favorite thing about The Unassuming Curator is that we get to revisit characters we all know and love! Remember Adam...the cider making alleged rogue? Emily, his sister, is the leading lady in The Unassuming Curator. YAY! For those of you who may not have read Adam's story I will simply say that it was so much fun to get to see Adam all these years later and get a little peak into what his life currently looks like. I also loved getting to know more about Emily and knowing her story.

This book was absolutely amazing! It fits in perfectly with the series but is still unique and will keep you on your toes.

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Steam Level

clean, kissing



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mild peril

book information

Title: The Unassuming Curator

Series: Georgian Gentlemen #5

Author: Sian Ann Bessey

Rating: 5/5

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The Noble Smuggler

An Uncommon Earl

An Alleged Rogue

An Unfamiliar Duke

The Unassuming Curator

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