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Cocoa Kisses

I can't even pretend this makes sense, for this slight woman to be filling my arms so completely, but she is.


Two old friends, a snowed in cabin, and a mission to save Creekville’s Christmas…

Taylor Bixby is content running her cafe and watching her customers fall in love. She wouldn't mind a little mistletoe magic herself, but the last kiss to curl her toes was from an old friend-an eggnog-fueled mistake. It's a good thing he hasn't been around for the four Christmases since.

She's got her hands full overseeing the town's most beloved holiday tradition, and she's fine learving Levi Taft-and the night they don't speak of-in the past.

Until he walks into her cafe without warning.

Levi Taft is back in Creekville to fix what he broke four years ago. He misses his best friend too much to let their friendship fade, and he sees his chance to make things right when catastrophe threatens Taylor's ambitious Christmas Town plans.

It's simple. They just need to outrun the blizzard of the decade to wrangle eight grumpy rental reindeer...and escape a snowbound cabin in a forest riddled with absurd amounts of mistletoe. Oh, and restore a little boy's faith in Santa.

Christmas needs saving, but is Taylor willing to try when it means risking her secrets for the only man to ever break her heart?

Thoughts & Feelings

If you're ever looking for a contemporary romance that will get you laughing out loud Melanie Jacobson is your girl. Her newest Christmas release, Cocoa Kisses, was so funny and had me giggling and even crying. Yes, I cried actual tears, both happy and sad, a few times. Just know this book will have you on a rollercoaster of emotions but you are going to love the ride.

The best part of this entire novel is the fact that we get to see the thoughts of our leading lady, Taylor, and our main man, Levi. I cannot tell you how much I loved getting an inside look into both of our main characters. I really loved that these inner thoughts moments not only offered character clarification but also had me dying of laughter quite a few times. The entire cabin scene is an absolute masterpiece and would not have come close to being as magnificent with only one perspective.

I also love that we get to know Taylor and Levi's families so well. By Christmas morning I was completely invested into what Gage and Rome (Taylor's nephews) were getting and hoped with all the hope I could muster that they would have a happy Christmas. I love that their families are neighbors and that we get to see both families together so often. You can feel the love between these two families and know that these friendships and traditions have been going for a very long time. Especially with all the nonsense that occurs during game night.

This was such a cute and easy to read Christmas novel. It was easy to pick up and get lost in the story and just disappear for a little while.

Book Information

Title: Cocoa Kisses

Author: Melanie Jacobson

Release Date: November 16, 2023

Book Tags


three farmer swears

Steam Level

clean, kissing

There are a few makeout scenes but hands and thoughts stay where they are supposed to. Everything is clean.

Content & Trigger Warnings


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