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Grace to Become

"Most often God doesn't take the broken out of mortality. He allows mortality to do its work in us, to grow us, to stretch us. That is why we are here, for the growing."


Emily Belle Freeman explores the power of exatling grace and how each of us can receive it. Using stories from her own life and the scriptures, Emily helps readers better understand the relationship between faith and works in relation to transformation and progression.

thoughts & feelings

Emily Belle Freeman is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors/speakers/people to learn from. I love how simple but powerful her messages are. She takes concepts that seem so grand and overwhelming and breaks them down into bite sized pieces I fully understand.

A few months ago I was listening to the Don't Miss This podcast and Emily mentioned that there were two types of grace: a saving grace and an enabling grace. This was a concept that I had never heard of or considered before and the concept intirigued me. A few podcasts later this same concept of grace was mentioned again. I soon learned that Emily had written two books focusing on these two types of grace. That same week I headed to my local Deseret Book and bought both books.

I honestly learned so much from Grace to Become. I loved that Emily not only used scriptures to highlight and explain the concept of exalting grace, but she also used stories from her own life. These stories helped me think of instances of exalting grace in my own life and gave me the knowledge I need to recognize this type of grace. My favorite part was when Emily talked about how we can use exalting grace as we seek transformation and progression in our own lives. I absolutely loved this book and am happy to have it in my collection so that I can revisit it again and again.

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Steam Level: not applicable

Language: clean

No Content or Trigger Warnings

book information

Title: Grace To Become

Series: Companion to "Grace Where You Are"

Author: Emily Belle Freeman

Illustrator: Eva Koleva Timothy

Rating: 5/5


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