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Grace Where You Are

He waits, right there where I am, in the center of my own story, ready for those broken moments. He knows there will be broken moments. He knows there will be more than one.


Drawing from beloved scriptural accounts and writing in the lyrical style of Even This, Emily Belle Freeman shares her understanding of how Jesus will meet you where you are, as you are, but He doesn't intend to leave you there. Instead, the Savior offers divine grace to heal wounds and elevate souls.

Grace Where You Are is filled with inspired scripture, gentle moments of reflection and meditation, and opportunities for personal application. Spending some time in its pages will help you to recognize that no matter where you are in your life's journey, Christ will come to you when you feel you fall short, extending His divine grace and providing so much more than what you lack.

Thoughts & Feelings

I have, admittedly, read the grace books by Emily Belle Freeman out of order. The best part? It doesn't even matter! These books go hand in hand but you can still understand and love every single page if you happen to read them out of order like me.

Grace Where You Are is an overview of grace. Emily talks about what exactly grace is and how we can understand it and apply it in our lives. She has broken the book into two sections: understanding grace and believe in Christ. These sections go together beautifully and the transition is seamless. I loved learning so much about Christ's grace and how we can access it by believing in Him.

Like her book, Grace to Become, Emily does an amazing job tying together scriptures and personal experiences to teach about grace. I love that she does this because it helps me understand how to identify grace better both in the scriptures and in my own personal life. I have loved underlining moments of grace in the scriptures so that I don't forget all of the amazing things I have learned from Emily.

Book Information

Title: Grace Where You Are

Series: Grace Trio

Author: Emily Belle Freeman

Rating: 5/5

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Grace Where You Are

Grace to Become

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