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Book Talk

If you love reading and love getting the inside scoop on the stories then this is the podcast for you! Join me as I dive into the pages of book, both old and new, and get all the details from the authors. Don't worry it's completely spoiler free! 

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The Pig Prank

It's time to uncover and discuss bookstagrams best kept secret, the pig prank. Join Jentry Flint and I as we discuss her debut novel Games in a Ballroom. We dive into everything from the Brooks Brothers to the pig and even get a little peak at her next novel. 

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A Book Adaptation

We've all heard of movie adaptations but have you ever heard of a book adaptation? Dana LeCheminant has taken one of her favorite movies, While You Were Sleeping, and placed it in the regency period. Join us as we dive into how Dana turned a romantic comedy inot a heartfelt regency romance.

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Going Back to Inglewood

Have you ever began a book and immediately fallen in love with the characters? That was how I felt upon reading the first few paragraphs of Romancing the Artist. I knew I had to talk with Sally Britton and get all the details on her amazing new novel. Join us as we discuss all the things and get a little peak into what is coming next.

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The Modern Wild West

Let’s jump back to the modern Wild West of 1905 Mayfield, Wyoming. Join me as I chat with Heather B. Moore about her novella “May I Kiss the Bride” and get the inside scoop on writing a novella, researching a not too distant past, and women breaking the molds.

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