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Book Talk

Have you ever finished a book and wished you could talk with the author about it? Me too!


 I am curious by nature and always have a million questions about the writing process and inspiration. I usually have a few very specific questions about the story as well. I figured that there were many readers like me and I decided that I was going to try chatting with the authors to get the inside scoop for all of us. 

I began this adventure by chatting with authors for about ten to fifteen minutes on an Instagram live. With a little pushing and encouragment I took the leap and turned those short author chats into a podcast. Thus was born Book Talk! 

Join me as I dive into the pages of books, both old and new, and get all the details from the authors. Don't worry it's completely spoiler free! 

Book Talk is currently available on:

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Fated to Fall in Love

Today we are diving into one of my most anticipated releases of 2023, A Not-So-Distant Love by Heidi Kimball. This book was just as wonderful as the first in the series and I was so excited to talk to Heidi about all the things. 


Taking Over the Trans-Siberian Railroad


This episode is from my original Book Talk Instagram Live series, that started it all. Join A.L. Sowards and I as we chat about her novel A Waltz with Traitors. I loved hearing about her writing process and research. 

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The Politician & The Governess

Jill E. Warner's debut novel, Or Jasmine and Roses, is magnificent. I loved the new perspective she gave us on a time period we all know and love. Join us as we discuss her publishing journey and dive into the main characters, Anna and William. 


What is a Kismet Anyway?

The Christmas season is coming! 

Anneka R. Walker and I are bringing you just a little Christmas spirit and talking about her newest release, Merry Kismet. Join us as we discuss Anneka's inspiration, writing process, and favorite Christmas things. Along with some of my personal favorite moments from the book. 



War on the Sea

A.L. Sowards is finally giving us Karl Lang’s story! Join us as we discuss WWII on the seas, Karl and Millie, and all the research that went into creating this fantastic story.


Villains, Motorcycles, & Ballgowns

Let’s dive into our first Romantic Suspense novel together! Join me as I chat with Paige Edwards about her novel Facing the Enemy. We’ll dive into the Scottish aristocracy, writing villains, and second chances at love.



From Scathing Witticisms to Flirtatious Banter

Sally Britton is back! Just moments into reading her newest novel, An Engagement with the Enemy, I knew that I had to chat with Sally and get the inside scoop. Join us as we talk about James and Jessica’s lifelong battle of wits, the greatest pranks, and what inspired their personalities.


What Exactly is Bookstagram?

Meet my book buddy Ashley, from Books Uncharted. Join us as we take a little dive into the world of book reviewing on social media.

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The Reluctant Seductress

I have been hearing amazing things about Esther Hatch’s Proper Scandals series for years and finally dove in. The first book, A Proper Scandal, was absolutely amazing and I knew immediately that I had to get the inside scoop from Esther herself.


The Best Meet-Cute

Our matchmaking mamas are back! I fell in love with the Rebels and their mischievous mothers from the moment I met them. Join me as I chat with Anneka R Walker and get the scoop on the mamas, Rebels, and how she strikes the balance between heart and humor.



Beauty in the Healing

Elizabeth Lowham’s remake of Beauty and the Beast is absolutely amazing. I was so excited to learn more about her love for fairy tales, writing process, and how she used her own experiences to create this magical and emotional tale.


The Siege of Vienna

FROM THE VAULT: This episode is from the original Book Talk Live series that began on Instagram. This was my second ever author chat and I was so nervous! I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into A.L. Sowards’ novel Before the Fortress Falls.



The Modern Wild West

Let’s jump back to the modern Wild West of 1905 Mayfield, Wyoming. Join me as I chat with Heather B. Moore about her novella May I Kiss the Bride and get the inside scoop on writing a novella, researching a not too distant past, and women breaking the molds.


Going Back to Inglewood

Have you ever began a book and immediately fallen in love with the characters? That was how I felt upon reading the first few paragraphs of Romancing the Artist. I knew I had to talk with Sally Britton and get all the details on her amazing new novel. Join us as we discuss all the things and get a little peak into what is coming next.



A Book Adaptation

We’ve all heard of movie adaptations but have you ever heard of a book adaptation? Dana LeCheminant has taken one of her favorite movies, While You Were Sleeping, and placed it in the regency period. Join us as we dive into how Dana turned a romantic comedy into a heartfelt regency romance.


The Pig Prank

It’s time to uncover and discuss bookstagrams best kept secret, the pig prank. Join Jentry Flint and I as we discuss her debut novel Games in a Ballroom. We dive into everything from the Brooks Brotherhood to the pig prank and even get a little peak at her next novel.

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