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Persuaded To Sea

His heart wrenched at the thought that he might never truly be happy if he would not be allowed to love the woman in front of him the way he desired.


Miss Harriet Lockhart has been anticipating her debut into London Society since she was a little girl. When her father's new position with the Admiralty sees their return to England after a longtime post in India, Harriet finally has a chance to find a suitable-and suitably rich-husband. Mr. Foote seems the ideal candidate: well-mannered, well-groomed, and wealthy. But her plans go awry when she is whisked onto the dance floor by none other than handsome naval captain Patrick Sloane, a man she has known and despised for years. Thanks to Patrick's interference, Mr. Foote departs without explanation-or proposal.

Despite her disappointment at finishing the Season without a husband, Harriet soon finds herself in frequent company with the very man who foiled her plans. However, Patrick proves something of a surprise, as does her growing attachment to him. She knows that unless she resists her feelings, she will end up just like her mother: a lonely and heartbroken naval wife. But when the truth of the past is revealed, Harriet must find the courage to trust her heart or risk losing the promise of true love forever.

Thougths & Feelings

I think I might love Persuaded to Sea even more than I loved An Uncharted Devotion...if that's possible. It's difficult to compare the two because the stories feel very different. Which is actually one of my favorite things about this series, as a whole. I love that we get to know Patrick in the first book and that we get to see more of James and Sarah in the second book. But I really love that each story fits the characters perfectly. The stories feel like the characters, if that makes sense.

Persuaded to Sea took me a little longer to get through because I found myself Googling after almost every chapter. Amanda wove so much history into Patrick and Harriet's story and I was intrigued with all of the details and had to know more. I looked into the Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon's exile in Elba, Man of War ships, as well as what some of the specific places mentioned look like. Don't get me wrong, Amanda provided just the right amount of information for the story and plot line but I was really curious so I Googled for fun. I love when historical events are woven throughout a novel and Amanda Taylor provided so many fun and new tidbits for me to learn more about.

I can't write a review on this book without talking about the love story. I love, love, love Patrick and Hattie's story! I love that it was completely different than James and Sarah's story. I love that we got to see our leading lady and main man apart and together. I feel weird saying "I loved that they spent so much time apart!" but it's true. Both characters had things to do that required them to be apart. Hattie's story greatly intrigued me. She has a very heavy past and, to be honest, her present is pretty heavy as well. I won't go into too much detail because, spoilers but trust me when I tell you that you are going to love reading her story of healing and watching her perspective on certain things slowly shift. Her story is beautiful on its own. When paired with Patrick's story you get something purely magnificent.

I could go on for forever about how fantastic this novel and series is. Trust me and add this one to your list because you are going to love it.

Book Information

Title: Persuaded to Sea

Series: A Royal Navy Regency #2

Author: Amanda Taylor

Release Date: January 2024

Book Tags

Steam Level

clean, kissing



Content & Trigger Warnings

Loss of immediate family members

Both Patrick and Harriet have lost immediate family members and it is mentioned several times throughout the story. The loss of Harriet's mom still weighs heavily on her heart and we get to see that internal struggle.

A Royal Navy Regency Series

An Uncharted Devotion

Persuaded to Sea

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