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Archie's Second Chance

His dark eyes were on hers. Piercing. Unwavering. A look that Della felt slide through her body, all the way down to her toes.


One awful mistake separated Della and Archie. Can they return to love or be doomed to always wonder, what if?

Thoughts & Feelings

This was my first time reading a book by Jo Perry and I absolutely loved it! I will be looking up her list of books so that I can read one of her full length novels. If you have any suggestions please put them in the comments. I would love to hear which books of hers you recommend.

I absolutely loved everything about Della and Archie's story. I only wish it were longer. I always feel so bad saying that but at the same time I feel like it's also a compliment. The story was so amazing that I wanted more of the courting and refalling in love.

I loved that this was a double love story. One couple, Della's best friend and Archie's older brother, is already in love and engaged but I did love seeing them together and so in love. The main love story is between Della and Archie BUT there is also a mystery factor. From the beginning we can see that Della is obviously hurt by something that occured between herself and Archie years ago. She has avoided him for three years and barely speaks to him when avoidance is impossible. I loved that we get little glimpses into what happened before the full story is revealed and we get to see both sides of the story! Each character gets a chance to explain their side and I loved getting both perspectives. We also get to see a little of the healing and deciding if there is still a possibility of trust and love.

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Content & Trigger Warnings


Book Information

Title: Archie's Second Chance

Series: Part of the Horses, Hounds, & Happily Ever After Vol 1 collection

also featured in the Saddles & Scoundrels collection under the title Della & Archie

Author: Jo Perry

Purchasing Link

Please note that Archie's Second Chance and Della and Archie are the same book. Jo Perry changed the title for the two collections the novella was feautured in.


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