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Bargaining for the Barrister

"She was like a bright star-not because of her inexperience with the hardships of life but in spite of what she had endured."


Paul is determined to make his own fortune before marrying. However, the mothers of the neighborhood have a different idea and are taking matters into their own hands. Under the guise of a musical organization they begin sceaming marriages for each of their children, and Paul is their first victim.

Thoughts & Feelings

You all know that I am a sucker for books with characters that are relatable. That think, act, and dream like we do. Bargaining for the Barrister is full of these characters. From the matchmaking mammas to the group of friends I found them all relatable to me or people that I know. This made it so easy to dive into the story and become engrossed in the world that Anneka R. Walker has created.

What made this novel stand out for me was the matchmaking mammas. I mean the neighborhood "musical organization." I feel like I can speak for the masses when I say that we are all appreciative that these ladies have all decided to join together and encourage the arts in their neighborhood. I cannot express how much I loved these moments! I loved that we got to experience these meetings with the three main characters and see each of their reactions. While giggling I also found myself thinking "I would totally do that." Let's be honest, if we were in this same situation we would all press our ears to the wall or hide in a bush under a window to hear as much as we could.

Our leading lady and main man were excellently written. I really enjoyed that they both had "secrets" and that we (the readers) weren't fully aware of what these secrets were. Being able to guess at and unravel these secrets was so much fun. Don't worry I was, as usual, totally wrong but the hypothesizing is always fun. The moments of realization and clarity were excellently written and shed so much light on why Lousia and Paul act and think the way they do. I firmly believe that our experiences and they way we handle them shape us into the people we are. To see this written so beautifully and tenderly made my heart happy.

Bargaining for the Barrister was a refreshing and fun take on a regency era novel. Between the matchmaking mammas, band of friends, and the throughly embarrasing moments I guarantee that you will be entertained. The best part...there are more books to come! In fact, this novel leaves us knowing who the next victim is, and I cannot wait to see how they handle it.

Book Tags

Steam Level

clean, kissing



Content & Trigger Warnings

emotional and physical abuse (flashback form), death of parents

Book Information

Title: Bargaining for the Barrister

Series: A Matchmaking Mamas Romance #1

Author: Anneka R. Walker

Rating: 5/5

Matchmaking Mama's Series

Bargaining for the Barrister

An Unwitting Alliance

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