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Charming Artemis

"She keeps even her family at bay, hiding behind dramatics and theatricality, and you have somehow forged a path around her defenses."


Charlie Jonquil and Artemis Lancaster have long been adversaries. When a party in London brings them together they agree to a one-night truce, in a show of support to their friends of course. However, Charlie and Artemis soon find themselves in an unfortunate situation involving a glass of raspberry shrub. They immediately find themselves as the center of scandal and are left with no choice but to be married. A solution to which they both strongly oppose.

Much like Lucas and Julia, their marriage begins on very rocky terms. To shield herself from the loss of a lifelong dream (marrying for love) Artemis is determined to live her own life and avoid Charlie at all costs. However, Charlie has promised Mater that he will try to make his marriage a success. They soon learn that things are not as straight forward or simple as they appeared.

thoughts & feelings

This was a bitter sweet novel for me. Since Loving Lieutenant Lancaster released I have been hypothesizing that Charlie and Artemis would end up together. To see this story FINALLY release and be able to hold it in my hands was so great. It's also really heartbreaking because we are officially at the end of the Jonquil Brothers and Lancaster Family romance series. The tiny glimmer of hope we have been given is that Charming Artemis also sets the stage for The Huntresses series! YAY! The few sneak peaks we have been given are incredible and I can't wait for preorders to become available.

I know I've said this in other reviews but seriously prepare to have your heart broken and cry...a lot. Being the youngest Jonquil and Lancaster sibling is no easy feat. Both Charlie and Artemis live in some very big shadows and both have struggled with heartache their entire lives. The depth of heartache and loss was larger than I anticipated and broke my heart over and over again. Having read both series multiple time I thought I had a good understanding of both characters and their lives up to this point. However, nothing could have prepared me for the way that Charlie struggles with not remembering his father or how Artemis was shaped by never knowing her mother and her father being distant. I loved the way Sarah M. Eden described and told each of their stories. The family support and love runs deep within these two families and I loved seeing it all come together.

Although their marriage starts off on very rocky terms, Artemis and Charlie find comfort in one another. Together they find a way to heal, open their hearts, and find the light once more. I absolutely loved this book and could not have asked for more.


Steam Level: clean, kissing

Language: clean

Trigger Warnings: mental illness

book information

Title: Charming Artemis

Series: A Jonquil Brothers Romance #7 and A Lancaster Family Romance #5

Author: Sarah M. Eden

Rating: 5/5 stars


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