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Heart in the Highlands

She felt like a butterfly with an injured wing, damaged but trying desperately to stay in the air and go on as before.


An arranged marriage was never what Callum, future Duke of Edinbane, hoped for his life. Especially to a woman that he has never met. In a desperate attempt to aid his uncle's family Callum strikes a bargain with his father. The cost? Marrying Lady Katherine.

Although Katherine has known this day was coming she is shocked that her grandfather would arrange her marriage to a Scot. Upon hearing that her grandfather's health is quickly declining she agrees to his final wish: to see her married and taken care of.

Callum and Katherine are both pleasantly surprised by the other and their futures seem to be bright. The next morning Callum discovers that his father placed his own contingencies on their bargain. Acting in haste and anger Callum makes a decision that will bring more heartache than he can imagine.

Four years later, Callum is ready to begin repairing the marriage he hastily abandoned. Upon returning Callum finds Katherine much changed. She is not as trusting or carefree as she once was and has no intention of allowing Callum back into her life. Determined to win her trust and love Callum begins the journey of healing old wounds.

Thoughts & Feelings

Heidi Kimball has written a masterpiece on the process of healing a broken heart. As I read my heart broke over and over again. After completing the first section of the book I was unsure if I could continue. My heart was so broken for Katherine that I had to physically distance myself from the story. Even then my heart and mind could not let go of Callum and Katherine's story and I soon found myself reading again. Throughout this novel I constantly thought back to the butterfly quote (above) and how it seemed to encapsulate Kate's entire story.

Even though I couldn't relate to Kate's specific story I could relate to a lot of her thoughts and feelings. We all know what a broken heart feels like, the struggle of trusting, and how painful the process of mending can be. My heart ached throughout this novel as more and more of Kate's story was unraveled. Callum and Katherine's story is so genuine and true and I honestly believe that any heart can relate to it.

Grab a tissue, or the entire box, my friends because you are going to need them. But it's worth it, trust me.

Update 11/6/2023

It has been a little over two years since I first read Heart in the Highlands. Not because I didn't love it but its a bit of a heavy story, as Heidi Kimball's tend to be.

I can honestly say that the second time reading was a little bit easier, but also not. The depth of the characters Heidi has created still astonishes me. I love them all and this time around I even found myself more drawn to Callum's father and thinking about what maybe his childhood was like. What caused this giant of a man to have such a hard heart? I don't know why my brain kind of skipped over him and decided that I just didn't like him the first time. I mean I still don't really love him, but I do love the little glimpses that Heidi gives us. I love that she shows us how people can change. I loved that all of the hearts are healing in this story, but in different ways. That's something that didn't necessarily stick out to me the first time. Yes, this story focuses on Callum and Katie and their hearts but I love that we get glimpses into everyone else's healing as well.

Two years later I still love this novel and yes, I still cried. I am so excited to dive into Charlotte's story!

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Steam Level

clean, kissing

Content & Trigger Warnings

death of immediate and extended family mentioned

Katie's parents died when she was little and her grandfather passes during the "time jump." No details are given but their deaths are mentioned a few times.

Book Information

Title: Heart in the Highlands

Author: Heidi Kimball

Rating: 5/5 stars

Series Information

Heart in the Highlands

A Not So Distant Love

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